Cookie Swap!!!
Last call if you wanna be in October swap. Come on guys, the more the merrier!!

October Cookie Swap
Looks like September went by in a flash, completely missed the swap!

Hope everyone enjoyed their impromptu rest and is ready to get back into the baking. Who's in for October? Halloween inspired cookies maybe? Let me know by Thursday and I'll have you paired up by the weekend.

Just a reminder to everyone that if you are going to be late with the cookies or not be able to do them for whatever reason, please just let your swap partner know so they don't think that you've forgotten all about them :)

August Cookie Swap Time!!
Hi all!

No, I haven't forgotten about you all, the 1st of the month just flew by a little too quickly for my liking. Did everyone get their cookies last month?

Who's in for August? Since this is a late post, I'll give everyone until Monday to sign up and we'll have until the 25th to send off the cookies so no one misses out.

Spatulas at the ready!!

July Cookie Swap!
Everyone should have received their swap partner's details today. Let me know if there are any problems and enjoy the swap!!

Alright, it's roll call time already for July! Last month was a great success (although there are still a few people who haven't told me whether they've received their cookies so if you are one of those people, please let me know otherwise your swap partner might not be allowed to participate next month!

I've also noticed that there are a few people watching the community that haven't joined up yet, so what are you waiting for?? Sign up and share some cookies, what better excuse to crank up the oven in winter than to make a fresh batch of yummy sugary goodness! Anyone who enjoyed themselves last month, spread the word, the more participants the more people you can get paired up with.

If I don't have your details and you want to participate, send me a PM with the following info:

Address you'd like cookies shipped to:
LJ User:
You are willing to ship as far as:
Dislikes/Allergies/Vegan/Gluten Intolerant:
Special Instructions:

Same rules as last month, you've got until the 5th to let me know if you're in or not and aim for the 20th to post out your parcels.

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we're nearing the end of the month. Has everyone received their cookies or at least contact from their partner if they are going to be late?

Just remember, if your partner doesn't receive their cookies by the next roll call you won't be allowed to participate in the next round so please let me know if you haven't received your cookies!

PS. Good feedback is nice too, got some really tasty cookies? Let me know the good stuff too since this is the first swap and we wanna know what's good as well as what can be improved for next time.

Happy swapping!!


June Cookie Swap!!!
Ok, Roll call!!

Who is in for this months swap? Comment below or PM me by the 4th and I will pair everyone up and let you know who your cookie swap partner is by the 5th. You will then have until the 20th June to send out your cookies!


Everyone should have received their partner info today so time to get out those cookie sheets and sprinkles and get your bake on!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Australian cookie swap community. I would just like to spend the next few days spreading the word and letting everyone get to know each other a bit before the first swap. If you're very interested in participating in the first swap in June feel free to start sending me your details (see "About" section on community profile) right away so I can get them all set up in a nice little database ready for the swap, otherwise add the community and just hang out and chat until you're ready for cookie swapping goodness!

Anyone participated in cookie swaps before? Have hints/tips or general advice to share with the rest of the community?


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