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August Cookie Swap Time!!
reactoss wrote in aus_cookie_swap
Hi all!

No, I haven't forgotten about you all, the 1st of the month just flew by a little too quickly for my liking. Did everyone get their cookies last month?

Who's in for August? Since this is a late post, I'll give everyone until Monday to sign up and we'll have until the 25th to send off the cookies so no one misses out.

Spatulas at the ready!!

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Present and correct, as instructed. :P

Awesome, well, fill out the info on the profile page and PM me with it so I can send it to your swap partner...otherwise I'll just make it up for you :P

Surely you know enough of it by now! :P

Hi, I don't have your profile info. Can you please send me the info from the profile page so that I can send it on to your swap partner?

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