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reactoss wrote in aus_cookie_swap
Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we're nearing the end of the month. Has everyone received their cookies or at least contact from their partner if they are going to be late?

Just remember, if your partner doesn't receive their cookies by the next roll call you won't be allowed to participate in the next round so please let me know if you haven't received your cookies!

PS. Good feedback is nice too, got some really tasty cookies? Let me know the good stuff too since this is the first swap and we wanna know what's good as well as what can be improved for next time.

Happy swapping!!


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I've sent my parcel, but it won't have been received yet. (I've let the recipent know.)

I just got it today! OMG YUM :D

apparently its cheaper to send things by satchel then box. Even if you stick it in a postpak box first.

I will remember this for next time.

Have your cookies arrived yet?

i sent my cookies yesterday and let my recipient know that they are on their way :)

Oh! I've received my parcel from playguitar, it arrived early this week :D

Oh, and I posted about this community to aussie_veggies here.

I saw! thanks for that!

You in again this month?

Probably. Well, almost certainly, because I've started to think of what I'll make! :P

I'll go leave a comment in the correct post to make it official.

Thanks for organising this, btw :)

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